November Cabinet Meeting

Our District conducted its 2nd Cabinet Meeting yesterday at the Clarion Hotel & Suites in Chambersburg, PA.  There was a lot going on including the display of submitted Peace Posters, a presentation on Membership Satisfaction, a Lioness meeting, a special meeting to approve a special election for an International Director candidate, not to mention the Executive and General sessions.  To catch up with some of the sights, here are some images from the event.

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  1. Pam Sieger
    Pam Sieger says:

    Oh my gosh! You have my daughter’s Peace Poster displayed in the above pictures from SCLS! Sara will be so happy to see these pictures! She drew the woman, who represented peace, love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and balance (she wrote about the woman, peace and equality, though I am not sure if you saw that as well), even her necklace was symbolic to the connection of the wings and the robe. She was so worried because 6 inches of her drawing had to be cut down because the paper was too big, so the right wing lost part of her work! However, I can see that it is traveling and am so beyond appreciative that you are able to see her vision for this project. She is going to be so overwhelmed with joy. I cannot wait to show her these pictures and we are so humbled by allowing her vision to continue being seen! Thank you for all that you do and this was such a wonderful project idea for students to create!


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