More from the MD-14 Convention

In our last post, we talked about the first couple days of the convention including the service project we had to feed 180,000 people.

That evening, we continued with the International Banquet.  The banquet started off with the presentation of our District Governors-Elect including our own DGE, Lion Kathy Fouse.

We also got to hear from our guest and featured speaker, International President Chancellor Bob Corlew.  He shared some great stories with us from his year as President and gave us encouragement as we move into our second century as Lions.  Here’s a picture of him with Past International Director Robert Miller as they recognize one of our state Lions.

Sunday morning began with voting and a State Council business meeting to review the results of the voting and of the whole convention.  Posted around the room were all of the centennial banners from the 17 districts in the state.  As you can see, District 14-T’s also hung proudly with the signatures from our Lions, Lionesses, and Leos.

Finally, on Sunday evening, we had our Honors Banquet where we recognized our DGE’s and “pinned” them with a District Governor pin.  We are all so proud of DGE Lion Kathy and wish here all the best as she heads to Chicago later this month.

All in all, the State Convention was a wonderful experience and I’m so happy to have seen so many Lions and Lionesses from District 14-T.

DG Lion John

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